Déjà Vu E-book Trilogy, All Three Déjà Vu Selections

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This is your opportunity to read the most important, key information on deja vu, written in easy to read language, yet by the world authority in the area, Professor Vernon Neppe. Dr Neppe realized the need to combine his three critically important books, available only now for the first time as The Deja Vu Trilogy Series combines all and the best of the three latest key electronic books at a one third off the individual purchase price for all three new Deja vu E-Books: Deja vu: A second look AND Deja vu revisited AND Deja vu Glossary.

This item does not include the classic collector’s item “The Psychology of Déjà vu” (see below)

Bonus Version!
Because the accented term Déjà is difficult to search using a PDF version, we produced a second version of this book and of the whole series. This does not contain accents: For example, Déjà is written as deja.
This allows easier searching on PDF versions. We supply the unaccented version as a complimentary bonus!

And of course, downlaoadable versions allow one to search rapidly, do not occupy physical space and allow you to carry it around with you on your computer and use the data easily for reading

A combined discounted purchase of all three Deja vu E-Books:

Deja vu: A second look
Deja vu revisited
Deja vu Glossary

NOTE: THIS ITEM DOES NOT INCLUDE “Psychology of Déjà vu”

SAVE $20!
This is a special value of $59.99 for $39.99.


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