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New 2nd Edition, if available, inscribed by author

Dr Vernon Neppe’s accclaimed bound book, Innovative Psychopharmacotherapy, was originally published by one of the most well-known and largest medical publishers, Raven Press in New York in 1989. (ISBN 0-88167-490-7), 223 pages, bound, hard cover).

The first printing sold out very quickly and Dr Neppe the following year produced the second edition, with only one chapter, Chapter 2, markedly changing. The second edition had a smaller publication run than the first. The book has long been unavailable though occasional copies occur at Amazon or Barnes and Noble at very expensive prices. We have a small number available on site, a few new, and several second hand in various states (excellent to fair condition). Pricing is listed, and dependent on the very limited availability. If your level is not available, then we will try to contact you, and send what is available.

“This is an important and useful book. This is a book that experience clinicians will turn to when patients do not respond to the usual forms of treatment. It is a work that attempts to chart a course in an unchartered land where there are very few scientific studies. The import and uniqueness of this book provides a theoretical framework with which to approach patients. It should provoke much discussion and thought in the field.”

The book has three distinguishing Collector’s characteristics:
1. We believe (cannot prove) that the term Psychopharmacotherapy may be the longest conventional, comprehensible word in a title in English.
2. The term biopsychofamiliosociocultural was at the time certainly the longest comprehensible word referring to systems theory in English. At that stage it was equal first with floccinaucinihilipilification (meaning estimating worthlessness). listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.
3. Of course, it’s also helped by Dr Neppe’s pre-eminence in Psychopharmacology. He led the first USA and International Delegation in Psychopharmacology and Neuropsychiatry.

Purchase: You can only order a new book and if it is unavaible (most likely) it will be downgraded and your credit card only billed for the real costs. Price range $249.99 (2nd edition, very rare) to $79.99 used poor (first edition). You can mention in comments a specific version and we will contact you.


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