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Millennial Copy
For collectors, we offer the Millennial Edition. It is an enormous step up from the Autographed Edition, as it contains the words “Special Millennium Edition” and is dated 1/1/2000.
This is the first book written in the new literary genre of sciction. This makes the first edition of the book Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope unique.
Limited copies are still available. Numbered Copies between 20 and 99 are $30 extra, for the lucky ten people who acquire numbers 10-19, this is $60 extra per book, numbers 6-9 are $120 extra, and numbers 2-4 are $250 extra per book. Most of the numbers are still available. This comes specially wrapped to maintain its proof condition.

Clearly the Millenmial Edition version is for a unique occasion. If the book becomes more valuable, this is the logical edition to use. The Millennial Book has already increased in value.

Cry the Beloved Mind, Millennial is the same book but with the inscriptions, numbering and a special seal . It is a potentially valuable collector’s item. The wording is special and includes the words “Special Millennium Edition” and dated 1/1/2000. and signed by Vernon Neppe, the author. The inscription does not address anyone specifically, unless you request it (same price) (e.g. “To Tom Smith”) (This would be written at the time of order and is on a separate page). This is so for resale.
There are 100 Collector’s editions books. Each now has a special seal on indicating its numbering but also is numbered on the page. Copies 1 through 10 come with a special certificate as well. We strongly suggest you purchase a Millennial edition which you treat carefully, and a second one to read.

COSTS: if there are special reduction offers this applies reducing prices below further, unless this is excluded.
Cry the Beloved Mind, Millennial Copy (Numbered 51-99) $52.95
Cry the Beloved Mind, Millennial Copy (numbered 21-50) $77.95
Cry the Beloved Mind, Millennial Copy (numbered 11-20) $99.95
Cry the Beloved Mind, Millennial Copy (numbered 6-10) $149.95
Cry the Beloved Mind, Millennial Copy (numbered 3-5) $262.95
If these numbers are unavailable, we will contact you regarding alternatives.

Whereas no warranties or guarantees can be given, there is good reason why this millennial version could inflate in value.
This is the first book written in the new literary genre of sciction. This makes the book unique.
A MILLENNIAL EDITION happens once in a lifetime (millennium actually!) and may be an excellent long-term investment.
A numbered autographed first edition makes this a collector’s item. Only 100 are available. The lower numbers should increase its value further.
This book has been very well received and may become a classic. Collectors will want this book.
We advise you to not use the book much and cover it in transparent plastic or similar material so it can maintain its original appearance.

See further: http://www.brainvoyage.com/ctbm/millennial.php

Notable international authority and expert physician, Prof. Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD, FFPsych, FRCPC, defines for the first time the new non-fiction literary genre of Sciction — science through literature. Psychiatric and neurological medications become comprehensible to patients, families and general readers yet the book is a wonderful text for students and professionals in the health and psychological fields. This unique self-help book on brain medications and social and medical issues educates through fascination. Autographed book and Mac and PC Electronic Version Available.

This is a book about hope: optimism for those with even the most extreme conditions of the mind. Those in distress will benefit enormously by the positive message of success. But then so will those interested in psychology, medicine or even a new style of writing.

The author, Vernon Neppe has outstanding credentials. He is an internationally recognized pioneer in the fields of neuropsychiatry and psychopharmacology, and communicates that real caring, humanity, knowledge, humor, respect and warmth that we all want in our physicians.

We can identify compassionately with every unique and fascinating patient, learn to respect them, and participate in an engaging medical detective mystery of finding solutions to the seemingly insoluble.

This is a book you do not want to miss. Every page educates and enthralls the reader-whether patient, physician, intelligent general reader, student or therapist-touching important social issues ranging from gun control to informed consent. The book’s broad spectrum engages interest while fascinating and teaching all at the same time.

Far more than pharmacology, this book delivers meaning for those who have lost it. Viktor Frankl did so in an abstract sense, and Norman Vincent Peale more pragmatically in his theological directions. This book promises to be the medical and pharmacological equivalent, unfolding through twelve chapters the hope that, by careful evaluation, patients can, should and will get better. The chapters form a series of linked stories blending several real patients together into one using the new style of “sciction” — science through literature. Through these fictitious case histories, Dr. Neppe explores how correction of the underlying biology of the brain can do wonders for one’s mind. The use of extensive dialogue simplifies complex areas and allows easier targeting of specific areas of the book such as depression and anxiety, seizures, psychoses and movement disorders. Dr. Neppe provides insights into drug interactions as well as fashionable alternative medicines like St John’s wort, so that it feels like one is consulting with this master clinician.

Cry the Beloved Mind has the qualities of a classic-a new style of educating, a voyage of hope for those with difficulties and a wonderful introduction to the area for students of psychology, medicine, as well as members of family and friends of patients.

The front cover for Cry the Beloved Mind was designed by the
gifted Toronto photographic artist, Warren Liebmann,
who used a special silhouette technique to attain this effect.
Warren is also a world expert on photographing aircraft.
He has produced remarkable calendars and posters as part of the
outstanding Warren Liebmann Collection.


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