RBC Key Features + Glimpses and Glossary 2e e-Book


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SPECIAL BONUS: Glimpses & Glossary included at no charge in all three ebook formats (PDF, Mobi, Epub).

This Ebook condenses to about an eighth the size of the classic Reality Begins With Consciousness 4th Edition and chooses 5 major areas to emphasize based on summary chapters, contextual perspective, their key 9-dimensional spin research, comparisons with other “Theories of Everything” and overall perspectives. This is produceRenowned international Consciousness Researcher, Prof. Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD, FRSSAf, DFAPA, and International Consultant Physicist/Mathematician, Dr. Edward R. Close PhD, PE, have joined together to develop a Theory of Everything that shifts the current scientific paradigm, and profoundly challenges the current perspectives of consciousness and reality. Their model is based on science, yet supported by mathematics. It‚Äôs a must-read for all scientists, philosophers, or thinkers. Despite their breakthrough discoveries impacting millions, this book illustrates pictorially the authors’ work in Reality Begins with Consciousness which describes a comprehensive paradigm shift in all the sciences‚Äîphysical, biological, psychological and consciousness, and incorporates (readable) mathematical proofs, philosophy and philosophy of science.For more on the book and these comments (also from scientists) go to For more on the 9D spin elements


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